The ultimate directory for Contact Centres in South Africa with the unique  Grading System

Corporate Good Business Practice


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International Readiness

The company can demonstrate how:

  • It has serviced international clients in South Africa or abroad.
  • Products or services impacted clients?
  • They have contributed to employment in South Africa?
  • The company’s ability to create employment for the youth in South Africa.
  • They have contributed to the country’s export revenue.

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The company has evaluated a variety of disasters that could face the country or industry. This section will demonstrate your readiness to ensure that the threat of disruption has been curbed and the impact on your clients are limited.

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Customer Centricity

The Company subscribes to the assessment, measurement, and accounting standards of Customer-Centric requirements and therefore is focused on always being responsive and of service to the needs of its Target Market.

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The CCMG is the Professional Body of the Contact Centre industry in South Africa and represents over 2,006 Contact Centres, 22,500 top and middle managers and 10,000 agent level individuals. The CCMG contributes to the professional growth of businesses and professionals within the Contact Centre industry, providing a forum for knowledge sharing and networking to empower and transform its members, while building on service excellence and continuous improvement within the industry.


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