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Corporate Good Business Practice



BBBEE /WSP/SARS/professional Body Membership etc – The company is in Good Standing with ALL major statutory compliance requirements

Compliance means complying with rules. These may be internal to the company or external. Compliance is not just the law; compliance standards are regulated by regulatory bodies and the country’s legislation. Contact Centre operations, IT managers, support departments and staff must be aware of, and in support of, their country’s and industry’s regulations and compliance.

Moreover, if they are supporting Clients in other countries, they must also comply with any regulations or compliances of those countries. Effective leaders constantly evaluate their current security state and consider where to make strategic improvements to continue meeting the high-security standards required for a contact center’s workforce and a security-focused company.

The Purpose of this Standard

The purpose is to give companies the ability to demonstrate their effective management of compliance, both for internal audit purposes and for providing assurance to those regulatory bodies, Clients, Customers and Staff. The goal is to allow the company to demonstrate their constant monitoring and adherence.

The Criteria of this Standard

The criteria will be adapted to the industry and geographies in which the Centre operates. However, the principles and approach will be similar, in that they will be based on how the company manages against any prevailing regulations and compliances.

The assessment process for uploading information and documentation for review:

Please supply the following documents for the Assessment process:

  • BBBEE Certificate
  • Tax Compliant Certificate
  • Date of your Financial Year End
  • POPPI Act Policy
  • Occupational Health and Safety Policy
  • Transformation Policy
  • Noise and work regulations
  • Health and Safety at Work.
  • Quality control of compliance
  • Record keeping
  • Internal audit
  • Security monitoring
  • Storage of sensitive data
  • Call recording/screen recording