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The ultimate directory for Contact Centres in South Africa with the unique  Grading System

Corporate Good Business Practice



The CCMG is a single, unified and strong voice for the Contact Centre industry, owned and operated by the actual stakeholders within our sector, namely the companies themselves and those employed in the companies. We want the clients, public, stakeholders and government to view the CCMG as accountable for every individual or company associated with the CCMG, to never disappoint them, with our commitment to being accountable and proactive.

Companies operating in any of the Industries, which constitute the scope of the contact centre industry, are entitled to apply for membership. They are entitled to apply to be recognised for their good business behaviour and practice in any/all of the 5 categories, earning themselves their Assessment Certification in the successful categories. Once they obtain membership, the company’s Profile will be displayed on the CCMG Corporate Directory reflecting their Assessment status, which will be placed on the CCMG Website, who will then benefit from a range of services provided by the CCMG. The purpose in catering to Companies as Registered Members of the CCMG is to ensure that those who participate derive the benefits.

The CCMG offers companies that are members an opportunity to be assessed and recognised for their good business practice in five categories. Not every one of these five categories may apply to emerging and small businesses.

The “Contact Centre Good Business Practice Categories”


      BBBEE /WSP/SARS/professional Body Membership etc – The company is in Good Standing with ALL major statutory compliance requirements


      The Company has achieved minimum professional body designations for technical, operational and professional staff levels, statutory or non-statutory.

      Customer Centricity

      The Company subscribes to the assessment, measurement, and accounting standards of Customer-Centric requirements and therefore is focused on always being responsive and of service to the needs of its Target Market.


      The company has evaluated a variety of disasters that could face the country or industry. This section will demonstrate your readiness to ensure that the threat of disruption has been curbed and the impact on your clients are limited.

      International Readiness

      The company can demonstrate how:

      • It has serviced international clients in South Africa or abroad.
      • Products or services impacted clients?
      • They have contributed to employment in South Africa?
      • The company’s ability to create employment for the youth in South Africa.
      • They have contributed to the country’s export revenue.

      Each element of the Assessment system will have subject matter experts who will assess and evaluate/confirm the information supplied.

      Who can apply for assessment

      Any company involved with supplying solutions or products in the Contact Centre industry can apply. Contact Centres, Contractors, Subcontractors and Operators are eligible.

      All companies in the Contact Centre Sector, members of the CCMG, can choose to be assessed by the Council. Depending on the assessment outcome, the company would be awarded recognition for each of the five components of the Good Business Practice recognition.

      The sectors as identified by the Council for the Contact Centre Industry are:


      • Outsourcers
      • Captives
      • Government
      • Debt Collection


        • Suppliers
        • Recruitment
        • Consultants
        • Training providers
        • Market Research
        • Quality Assurance

        The benefits of participating in the assessment by the Professional Body and Employers Association for the Contact Centre Sector

        The assessment process aims to show the world that the companies listed are committed to maintaining good business practices. The CCMG will showcase the successful components of each company to the industry by way of marketing the companies, and their classification, in any of the 5 categories of good business practices.

        1. The GBP assessment is a way of being recognised as a company responsible for its business practices.
        2. Recognising companies for their achievement of the categories in good business practices and their value to the industry.
        3. Showcasing the companies that are already performing against categories and encouraging others to raise the bar.
        4. Being a beacon of GBP to your direct clients, consumers, potential employees’ investors and subcontractors.

        Generic information on the company that will assist with the assessment are:

        • Company Trading Name:
        • Company address:
        • Website Address:
        • What is the primary purpose of the business: (e.g. inhouse, outsourcer, industry-specific etc)
        • List the territories that you operate in
        • Where is your holding company situated e.g India or UK
        • Company Registration Number:
        • SDL Number
        • Which Seta do you fall under:
        • Company Contact Number:
        • CEO/Owner Name:
        • CEO/Owner Landline:
        • CEO/Owner e-mail address:
        • Internal Champions for the GBP process:
          • Name
          • Position in the company
          • e-mail address
          • Landline
          • Mobile Number
        • Organogram
        • What is the number of full-time employees?
        • Number of agents in the Contact Centre: Contact Centres only
        • Ratio of Agents to Supervisors/Team Leaders: Contact Centres only
        • Ratio of Managers to Supervisors/Team Leaders: Contact Centres only
        • Ratio of Quality Assurance resources to agents: Contact centres only
        • Number of Workforce Management Specialist to agents: Contact centres only
        • Number of Business Analysts: All applications