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The ultimate directory for Contact Centres in South Africa with the unique  Grading System

Corporate Good Business Practice


Frequently asked questions:

How much does it cost? 

The CCMG is offering this opportunity to all corporate members of the CCMG at no additional cost for 2022.

How long does it take?

Depending on how many categories you want to apply for, it will take different times. You are welcome to start with one category at a time and re-visit the categories as and when to start populating them.

We suggest that the person appointed to lead this project has access to policies that the company uses. This will speed up the process.

What if we do not qualify for one or more of the categories.

Start with the category that you will qualify for and work through the other categories after that. We will give you feedback as you progress through the category applications.

How will you make sure that the companies are delivering on their GBP?

The CCMG works on a relationship of trust with all our corporate customers. We know that you will provide us with the correct information and not knowingly give us false or inflated information. The council members will be assigned to the various categories and assess the information supplied. The industry and the public are a regular source of reporters that constantly call the CCMG with complaints or experiences good and bad, which does keep us up to date with what is happening in the companies associated with the industry.