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Corporate Good Business Practice


Customer Centricity

The Company subscribes to the assessment, measurement, and accounting standards of Customer-Centric requirements and therefore is focused on always being responsive and of service to the needs of its Target Market.

Customer centricity is often seen as a catchall for ideas like customer satisfaction, customer experience and customer feedback. However, being truly customer-centric is about more than that. It’s about more than just making your customers happy. And it’s not enough to assume you know what your customers need.

Research by Deloitte and Touche found that Customer-centric company’s think like their customers and are 60% more profitable than companies that are not focused on the customer. They make decisions with the customer in mind and use customer feedback and continuous engagement to drive loyalty and retention. They go beyond basic demographic profiling and use big and small data to gain an intimate understanding of their customers, using various tools and strategies that include focus groups and one-to-one customer dialogue.

The Purpose of this Standard

The purpose of the standard is to allow companies, who believe themselves to be customer-centric, to demonstrate this against a set of aspirational “Best Practices”,that include how the company:

The Criteria of this Standard

This standard is measured, in the main, by how:

The assessment process for uploading information and documentation for review:

  • Customer Experience Policy
  • How do you Measure Customer Experience (please select those applicable)
    • Calculate the net promotor score
    • Analyse the customer journey analytics
    • Determine customer churn rate
    • Interpret customer support ticket trends
    • Measure customer satisfaction scores
    • Other
    • If other, please elaborate on the process
  • What technology if any do you use to monitor your customer service
  • Customer experience scorecards for all / current campaigns for a period of > 12 months.


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